Natural Bamboo Straws (pack of 4)

Natural Bamboo Straws (pack of 4)


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  • Reusable Bamboo straws, 100% natural bamboo material. No chemical treated.
  • Eco Friendly & Reusable: Stop Using Plastic, Acrylic, And Other, Metal Or Petroleum Derived Disposable Drinking Straws. Conventional Straws Not Only Jeopardize Your Health And Put A Dent In Your Familys Budget, But They Also Fill The Earths Landfills With Excess Waste. Our Premium Drinking Straws Are Made From Organic, Sustainably Sourced Bamboo, Making Them A Foolproof Choice, Benefiting Both You And The Environment!
  • Non Toxic & Safe: Free Of Any Harmful Chemicals, Bpa, Or Other, Dangerous Compounds Contained In Conventional Drinking Straws,
  • Bamboo Straws Are Perfect For Kids And Adults Alike.
  • Bamboo Straws Are Ideal For Warm And Icy Cold Drinks, Making Them Your New, Trusted, Year Round Drinking Companion!


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